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  2007.10.27  16.10

Art De Eletoka
Tonight 8p-12a
art show with God
DJ, cheese, vodka

Fringe salon
701 Rio Grande St.
Austin, TX 78701


  2007.05.17  00.33
new site!



  2006.12.22  23.11
++ new website ++

new sitey


  2006.08.15  19.15

my site at dgirl is down

here comes my new site:

it's low tech
go see ;o


  2006.06.30  19.01
go see my art exhibit!

god's art exhibit (setting up tomorrow):

July 2006
featuring drawings and paintings (and 4 manipulated photos)

WET Salon and Studio
Style Connoisseurs & Art Gallery
telephone 512-444-7375
1109 S. Congress
Austin, TX 78704

Free parking is offered behind Doc's Motorworks off of Academy.

regular hours 10-7ish
First Thursday hours 10-10

also, my website's back up


  2005.09.22  16.41

i need photos to paint from!! if you have taken anything worthy and want to see it painted on a huge canvas...gimme


  2005.08.27  03.36

site's fully functional


  2005.06.26  01.05
update update

site update in about two months

Mood: busy

  2005.05.24  00.17



  2004.08.20  20.50
new drawinkx


Mood: thirsty

  2004.08.05  18.21


  2004.07.22  16.12

I found old choco in my closet. Its got christmas wrapping. There's also a pack of halloween popcorn I got from about two years ago sitting with it. The choco is cheap choco-kinda pungent, like hersey's except ten times worst.
Tastes like fake sugar with rice crispies embedded in inside.

Mood: content

  2004.07.20  01.15

purple jello.

Mood: toot

  2004.07.19  19.33
i luv rammy tew.

im_in_hell's LJ stalker is rammsteintcat!
rammsteintcat is stalking you because they saw your picture and fell in love.. They are also slowly poisoning you!

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  2004.07.14  05.18
bonding rites of GoD and blueberry jam.

Mood: indescribable

  2004.07.13  23.08

~Sang et Hantise de l'Amour~ says:
I'm not the Fig Plucker/Nor the Fig plucker's son/But I'll pluck the Figs/'Til the Fig Plucking's gone. [Say it three times fast]


  2004.07.13  02.57

rest in peace soup watch.
i'm too cheap to replace your battery.
not that i won't wear you anymore,
you belong on my wrist.


Mood: gloomy

  2002.10.15  13.25

icescreamtruck: bread gud
DANOGIMP: bread is satan
icescreamtruck: satan ix gud


  2002.10.15  00.42



  2002.09.10  00.01

T D G K: Hi, I'm Kelly and yes I am a "real" person! I luv to show off live on camera. Come see me, I'm gonna get naked!! DON'T MISS OUT! FREE Life Time Membership if you join Now! p.s. i also 0wn in CounterStrike


  2002.09.04  23.56

ChristianGodes69: omg omg lets cyabr!
ChristianGodes69: a/s/l?


  2002.09.04  23.19



  2002.08.27  04.05

owine69: Hi
icescreamtruck: woo
owine69: got pic
icescreamtruck: gut buttsex/


  2002.08.25  02.22

Hebrew PeePee: losing your innocence to regis filbun in the back of a radio flyer while burt reynolds watches and talks to u in portuguese


  2002.07.18  21.44

If I was an Invader Zim Character, I'd be:

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